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Digital Projection, A Brand of Delta, Debuts New Projection and dvLED Categories at InfoComm 2024

Digital Projection is a pioneer in Digital Light Processing technology for projection systems. It introduced the world’s first 3-chip DLP projector in 1997 and has received numerous awards, including two Emmy® Awards for Outstanding Achievement in Engineering Development.

Digital Projection, a brand of Delta, will showcase their latest dvLED and laser projector technologies at InfoComm 2024, including new indoor and outdoor dvLED lines and advanced laser projectors. They will highlight versatile solutions for commercial integrators, offering refined categories of dvLED displays and new, high-performance laser projectors. They will also feature the multi-award-winning TITAN projectors and the Satellite MLS line with increased brightness.

Digital Projection is showcasing its latest dvLED and laser projector technologies at InfoComm 2024 to demonstrate their versatility and advanced capabilities to systems integrators. By categorizing dvLED displays into “good, better, best” categories and introducing new, high-performance laser projectors, Digital Projection aims to simplify the selection and deployment process for integrators. This approach helps mitigate uncertainty, speeds up project completion, and ensures that integrators can confidently specify the right solutions for a wide range of commercial environments, ultimately enhancing their success in the market.

Digital Projection, a brand of Delta, is showing off the latest projection and dvLED categories at InfoComm 2024. With the inclusion of several new dvLED lines for both indoor and outdoor series of displays, along with a range of new laser projectors featuring advanced technologies for improved brightness, color rendering and installation flexibility, Digital Projection is excited to demonstrate the versatility of its expanded product offerings at Booth #W1245. At the booth, InfoComm attendees can see how these industry-leading additions make it easy for systems integrators to quickly and confidently specify and deploy solutions for a wide range of commercial environments.

Digital Projection will show the following large-format imaging display solutions this year at InfoComm:

New dvLED Categories Cater to Diverse Commercial Applications

Digital Projection understands how difficult it can be to determine the best dvLED display for the job. That’s why it has refined its line of indoor dvLED displays into well-defined good, better, best categories, plus added two new specialty series. By providing integrators with performance and cost options across three series, Digital Projection mitigates the endless scrutiny and uncertainty that can hold up jobs, or worse yet, result in the wrong choice of products.

The “good” Essentials series consists of dvLED solutions that fulfill the fundamental requirements of most commercial projects and offer solid performance at an accessible price point. A step up, the Performance series satisfies the imaging needs of more sophisticated applications. Positioned at the pinnacle of performance, the Reference series sets the standard for imaging excellence.

For commercial integrators who need expedited solutions or unique custom configurations, Digital Projection offers its Rapid Deployment and Designer series. The Rapid Deployment series features preconfigured, turnkey solutions in commonly requested sizes, pixel pitches, and brightness levels for quicker project completion. The Indoor Designer series features custom cabinets for specialty applications like curved walls.

Digital Projection’s outdoor dvLED series has also been revamped, broken into three specific performance categories and with four brand-new dvLED additions. Integrators looking for large-scale fine-pitch displays with a pixel pitch between 1.2mm and 2.0mm, can choose either the Marquee or Broadway series. Ideal for critical and close-up viewing, both options boast a brightness of 4,000 nits, with the Broadway available in a wide selection of sizes. In

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environments where viewing takes place from far away, like stadiums and other outdoor venues, a dvLED with a larger pixel pitch and high luminance is suitable. For these applications, Digital Projection offers its new Spotlight and Beacon Plus series. The Spotlight is available in a pixel pitch between 2.5mm and 4.8mm, with a nits rating of 4,000-5,000. Brighter yet is the Beacon Plus at 8,000 nits and 2.9mm to 7.8mm pixel pitch. As always, Digital Projection’s expert design team is available to assist integrators with the selection process, as well as configuration, calibration, and installation.

Four Lighter, Brighter Laser Projectors Set New Performance Standards

Digital Projection’s new M-Vision 27000 WU, E-Vision 8000i, E-Vision 10000i WU, and E-Vision 16000i WU single-chip laser projectors boast features normally associated with higher priced three-chip laser projectors, including source redundancy, brightness sync and auto white balance correction. Despite the advanced capabilities, these laser projectors boast a compact footprint, enhancing their installation versatility.

The M-Vision 27000 WU stands out with an impressive 27,000 ISO lumens output, providing exceptional brightness in a wide range of commercial environments. The addition of ColorBoost + Red Laser technology enables the M-Vision 27000 WU to produce exceptionally realistic and saturated colors, including a full range of red hues, which has historically been unachievable by most other single-chip laser phosphor projectors.

New to the four laser projectors is the inclusion of Digital Projection’s latest NEXUS chip electronics. This ensures higher bandwidth processing and integration with Digital Projection’s Projector Controller II software to enable seamless image warping and blending. Inch-for-inch, dollar-for-dollar, these new projectors set a new performance benchmark for single-chip DLP projectors in a form factor that’s small enough to fit discretely into tight spaces.

Multi-Award-Winning TITAN Projectors and Satellite MLS Back by Popular Demand

The revolutionary Satellite MLS has proved incredibly popular over the last few years and has seen a huge demand for even more brightness and efficiency. To satisfy this request from systems integrators, Digital Projection has increased the light output of the Satellite MLS line by adding a 20,000- and 30,000-lumen Modular Light Source to complement the original 10,000- lumen Satellite MLS. Combined with an incredibly small modular footprint for extreme installation flexibility and a near REC2020 color space, the Satellite MLS line represents a breakthrough in projector design and performance. Digital Projection’s flagship TITAN family of projectors will also be well represented at InfoComm, offering systems integrators a three-chip powerhouse for demanding commercial applications.

Where to See Digital Projection at InfoComm 2024

To see how Digital Projection is helping systems integrators succeed in the commercial market with advanced yet simple-to-deploy large-scale dvLED and projection solutions, please visit Booth #W1245.


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