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Blackwire Designs to Showcase Cutting-Edge AV and Networking Solutions at InfoComm 2024

Blackwire Designs, founded in 2009 by former integrators, is the distributor in the custom installation industry. Based in Phoenix, they use integrated software for sales and systems support, offering third-party integration capabilities for RTI, Elan, Savant, and Control4 platforms.

Blackwire Designs announced its showcase at InfoComm 2024, featuring cutting-edge AV and networking products, including integration solutions for commercial audio systems, updated Control4 drivers for video wall and multiview management, comprehensive access control offerings, and a new Network Provisioning Service. Notable brands include Just Add Power, AVPro, Ruckus, ProdataKey (PDK), Yamaha CIS, Uniview, Netgear, Peplink, and PureEdge.

Blackwire Designs is showcasing its leading product lines and cutting-edge AV and networking services at InfoComm 2024 to highlight its advancements in seamless integration, updated drivers for enhanced management, comprehensive access control offerings, and a new Network Provisioning Service. This presentation aims to demonstrate how these innovations simplify complex installations, enhance user experiences, and reduce costs for integrators.

Blackwire Designs, a leading distributor in the custom installation and Pro AV markets, announced today it will showcase its leading product lines and cutting-edge AV and networking services at InfoComm 2024 at Booth C9869. Attendees can expect to witness Blackwire’s latest advancements, including seamless integration of commercial audio systems with control platforms, updated drivers for enhanced video wall and multiview management, comprehensive access control offerings, and the newly launched Network Provisioning Service designed to streamline networking installations.

“We are excited to showcase our leading commercial product lines at InfoComm 2024,” said Kevin Luther, owner of Blackwire Designs. “Our mission is to equip integrators with the tools and support they need to implement outstanding AV and networking solutions, ensuring that they save on costs even before they reach the job site. From our advanced Control4 drivers to our comprehensive PDK offerings and new Network Provisioning Service, Blackwire remains committed to enhancing the user experience and simplifying complex installations for our customers.”

Blackwire will be demoing and displaying products from such leading brands as Just Add Power, AVPro, Ruckus, ProdataKey (PDK), Yamaha CIS, Uniview, Netgear, Peplink, and PureEdge. Highlights of the lineup include:

Seamless Integration of Yamaha CIS With Universal Driver for Control4 Systems
Blackwire provides Yamaha’s CIS audio products for small to medium commercial installations. Supported by Blackwire’s superior technical assistance, these products — which include VXC and VXS speakers, MA series mixer amplifiers, and MTX series audio mixers — enable dealers to deploy reliable, cost-effective, complete audio systems in various venues.

The robust Yamaha MTX3 and MTX5-D matrix processors, equipped with multiple inputs and outputs, are ideal for diverse audio projects. The MRX7-D open-architecture audio processor with extended Dante support enables larger installations to be easily configured with custom DSP programming. The EXi8, using Yamaha’s YDIF digital audio transfer protocol, can expand the system’s capacity via a single Cat 6 cable, with Dante-equipped models offering even more channels. The YDIF connector also enables direct audio transmission to Yamaha amps, bypassing the need for additional connections.

Blackwire’s Yamaha MTX Universal Driver allows for seamless integration of Yamaha MTX3 and MTX5-D audio processors with Control4 systems. This unique driver simplifies complex installations and enhances user experience by enabling end users to manage audio levels across various zone outputs. Installers can create a customized mixing interface tailored to client needs, including modifiable UI buttons and support for both stereo and mono inputs and zones. Within Control4 Composer, system designers can personalize buttons with distinct colors and graphics for effortless identification, along with custom sliders for rapid input level and mute status adjustments. The driver is compatible with current Control4 OS versions 3.1.3 and above, as well as Control4 T4 touchscreens, iPads, and Android interfaces.

Improved Integration and User Experience Thanks to Control4 Driver Updates
Blackwire has recently updated two of its other Control4 drivers — MultiView Pro and VideoWall Pro — to accommodate an intuitive interface for Just Add Power 3G and MaxColor products and AVPro Edge MXNet systems that utilize video walls or multiview video tilers. These drivers are designed to integrate seamlessly into the Control4 UI on both T4 touchscreens and mobile/tablet devices, enabling end users to easily manage these intricate systems through a user-friendly and visually engaging interface.

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With the update, the MultiView Pro Driver now extends its support to the AVPro MXnet 10G product family and Just Add Power’s MC-QX MaxColor 4K60 Warping and Tiling Transmitter. The VideoWall Pro driver broadens its compatibility to include Just Add Power’s 3G and MaxColor 4K60 lines, as well as AVPro Edge’s MXnet 1G and 10G lines.

Comprehensive PDK Product Offerings and Control4 Integration Capabilities
Blackwire provides a comprehensive selection of PDK products, including door controllers, credentials, readers, and CloudNode gateways. These solutions are designed for scalable, secure, and easy-to-install access control solutions suitable for various installation sizes and requirements.

The PDK Red One Door Controller and PDK Red Four Door Controller are self-discoverable controllers with built-in Ethernet, OSDP functionality, onboard power supply, and supervised power circuit monitoring. They support advanced security features like encrypted credential communication and are designed for easy plug-and-play installation with flexible communication options (Ethernet, PoE, WiMAC wireless). Additionally, Blackwire offers PDK credentials, such as the PDK Key Fob RFID, which is designed for use with PDK access control systems and provides a convenient and secure way to manage access. PDK readers — including the PDK Push Button Keypad Reader and the PDK Red Keypad Reader — combine keypad functionality with proximity and mobile access capabilities, providing high-security options for access control.

Blackwire’s PDK Integration Access Control Driver for Control4 offers comprehensive control over PDK CloudNode doors, gates, and roller doors. It integrates seamlessly with Control4’s generic relay control drivers and supports a Door Position Sensor for real-time door status. Users can control doors remotely via secure, real-time integration with The driver includes advanced interfaces like the Experience Button — which allows users to control the status of their doors without a PIN code — and a Security Panel driver for intuitive touchscreen control. For higher security, the Door Interface with PIN Code Control allows users to execute various commands from Control4 Navigator. The system supports custom programming for complex installations and standard Control4 Relay and Contact bindings for other programming needs. The installation process is straightforward, facilitating easy field setup by installers.

Streamlined Networking Installations With New Blackwire Network Provisioning Service
The recently launched Blackwire Network Provisioning Service allows integrators to receive networking equipment that is fully configured, updated, labeled, and ready for installation right out of the box. Before the introduction of this service, integrators often faced challenges with on-site configuration and troubleshooting, leading to potential delays and increased costs. This new service not only addresses these issues but also sets a new standard in the industry by extending Blackwire’s proven video distribution system provisioning to networking products.

The Blackwire Network Provisioning Service eliminates the need for time-consuming on-site setup and troubleshooting, ensuring a flawless installation process. Before the products ship from the warehouse, Blackwire will configure and update all networking equipment to the customer’s specifications following the company’s Ruckus 101 recommended configuration. This ensures that each piece of equipment is working and ready to plug and play upon arrival —eliminating the hassle of the RMA process, ensuring a smooth installation, and saving countless hours in the field. As a result, integrators can reduce labor costs and minimize the need for highly experienced staff on-site. The service is backed by CWNA-certified support staff and includes all Ruckus, Peplink, and Netgear certifications, guaranteeing top-notch quality and reliability.

The Blackwire Network Provisioning Service is available now and is offered free with the purchase of applicable networking products. Integrators simply need to complete a short questionnaire after purchasing to ensure their equipment is tailored to their project specifications.



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