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Theory Professional Debuts First Landscape Loudspeakers at InfoComm 2024

Theory Professional offers high-utility, refined audio products for commercial spaces, providing superior performance in indoor and outdoor applications.

Theory Professional unveils new landscape loudspeakers, ic6-Bollard and iws12-Bollard, at InfoComm 2024, offering high-performance, 360-degree coverage and deep bass for outdoor environments.

Theory Professional is launching new landscape loudspeakers, the ic6-Bollard and iws12-Bollard, at InfoComm 2024. These speakers offer exceptional audio performance and design flexibility for outdoor installations. The ic6-Bollard, a 6.5″ full-range loudspeaker, and the iws12-Bollard subwoofer provide deep bass and impressive sound reinforcement.

Premium commercial audio brand, Theory Professional, is pulling out all the stops with multiple new product introductions leading into InfoComm 2024. Not yet released but being previewed for the very first time this week at the show, are Theory’s new high-performance landscape loudspeakers. The ic6-Bollard: 6.5” full-range landscape loudspeaker, and iws12-Bollard: 12” landscape subwoofer are on display and demo in booth C9901 and Audio Demo Room N118.

ic6-Bollard – 6.5” Full-Range Landscape Loudspeaker

Theory Professional made its official debut at InfoComm 2023 and wowed crowds with demonstrations of its small but highly capable ic6, 6.5” in-ceiling loudspeaker. Via careful processing and computer-optimized tuned ports, the ic6 delivers exceptional low-frequency bandwidth, punch and resolution, plus extremely wide dispersion. Up until now the ic6 could be paired with Theory’s optional all-weather grille or installed in open-ceiling and exposed environments when integrated into one of Theory’s ic6 pendant housings.

Building on Theory’s ic6 Acoustic CoreTM platform, the new ic6-Bollard is the ic6 loudspeaker installed into an elegant Dark Chocolate (and paintable) stainless steel Bollard housing. Once integrated, the ic6-Bollard becomes a full-range landscape loudspeaker providing 360-degrees of flawless, uniform, coverage. Pair it with the new iws12-Bollard subwoofer and you can reach sound reinforcement levels in your landscape – a rarity outdoors.

For large, distributed installs, you can use hundreds of ic6-Bollard loudspeakers. The ic6 includes a switch-selectable 70V/100v transformer that can be driven direct by Theory’s DLC-250.4d 4-channel loudspeaker controller. The DLC-250.4d can drive up to 16 Theory 16-ohm loudspeakers in Lo-Z mode, or up to 64 in Hi-Z mode – all from a half rack chassis.

iws12-Bollard – 12” Landscape Subwoofer

Theory has also become known for deep, visceral bass from surprisingly compact enclosures. The Theory iws12-SPKR model speaker assembly includes a 12-inch, 1,400 Watt, 4-inch voice coil long throw woofer that can be integrated into the popular Theory iws12-6 in-wall subwoofer and the highly flexible Theory iws12-9 architectural subwoofer. With the introduction of the iws12-Bollard, now that superior iws12-SPKR performance can be enjoyed outdoors. When mounted inside the new iws12-Bollard housing and installed outdoors you get truly astonishing high-energy low frequencies in your landscape.

“Theory is disrupting the status quo with a small stable of highly capable and flexible audio products, and the ic6 and iws12 are perfect examples of that,” said Paul Hales, CEO and Product Designer for Theory

Professional. “Those two Theory loudspeakers can be used for in-ceiling, pendant, high-moisture, in-wall, surface-mount – and now – landscape installations, all while providing premium levels of audio performance and design.”

The Theory ic6-Bollard and iws12-Bollard will be available in Q4 2024. To see and hear the new landscape loudspeakers, visit InfoComm 2024 Booth: C-9901 and Audio Demo Room: N118


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