Wednesday, July 24, 2024
YOU ARE at InfoComm 2024: A Spotlight on Sony's Innovations at InfoComm 2024: A Spotlight on Sony’s Innovations

InfoComm 2024 brought a wave of exciting advancements, and is there to capture the highlights. Tim Albright had an engaging conversation with Mark Bonifacio from Sony, revealing some of the standout innovations at Sony’s booth.

Deep Black Non-Glare Display

Sony unveiled its latest 98″ BZ53L non-glare deep black display, designed to eliminate reflectivity and enhance contrast. Ideal for bright environments like conference rooms and retail spaces, this display ensures clear visibility without distracting reflections. This technology, previously seen in the 85″ BZ40L line, now extends to the flagship 98″, offering a superior viewing experience.

AI-Enhanced Camera Systems

Sony’s cameras have evolved significantly, incorporating advanced artificial intelligence. The SRG series, including the SRG 840 and the newly introduced BRC AM7, feature multi-faceted auto-tracking capabilities. These cameras can track presenters using skeletal, facial, and other markers, ensuring smooth and continuous tracking even if the view is partially obstructed. The BRC AM7 boasts a larger imager for higher quality and improved pan-tilt-zoom operations, along with enhanced software supporting up to eight presenters and facial recognition for prioritized tracking.

Partnerships and Integrated Solutions

Sony emphasized its strategic partnerships with companies like Corbit, Appspace, and 22Miles, enhancing the versatility and functionality of their displays. These collaborations enable seamless integration of content management systems (CMS) directly onto Sony’s displays via system-on-chip technology, offering a comprehensive one-box solution without the need for external players. Additionally, Sony’s cloud-based digital management platform facilitates efficient setup and monitoring, reducing installation time and simplifying maintenance.

For more details about Sony’s cutting-edge solutions showcased at InfoComm 2024, visit Sony Professional. Stay tuned with us for continued coverage and insights from the InfoComm 2024.


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