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IHSE USA’s New Draco JPEG-XS FPGA-Based KVM Extenders Lower TCO and Video Latency

IHSE USA is a leading provider of KVM products for long-distance signal extenders and switching for various data formats. They offer a complete line of DVI and HDMI video extenders for mission-critical video and data access worldwide.

IHSE USA will showcase its new KVM JPEG-XS extender solutions at InfoComm 2024. These extenders offer ultra-low latency for video and integrate USB peripheral management, using Altera Cyclone FPGAs and JPEG-XS codec developed in cooperation with Fraunhofer IIS. This integration aims to reduce cabling, power consumption, and overall costs.

The new extenders provide significant benefits, including reduced cabling, lower power consumption, and simplified resource sharing, which collectively lower the Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) for users. The Altera Cyclone FPGAs are chosen for their low power consumption, cost-effectiveness, and market readiness, making them ideal for high-performance KVM over IP solutions.

IHSE USA will showcase its latest KVM JPEG-XS extender solutions at InfoComm 2024 in booth C5631. These new extenders provide ultra-low latency for video while maintaining full flexibility to include signal management for USB peripheral devices such as a keyboard and mouse. IHSE is introducing this as the first in a series of KVM over IP solutions combining a JPEG-XS codec designed around Altera® Cyclone® FPGAs.

“We are very excited about IHSE’s development of the JPEG-XS KVM codec for the Altera Cyclone Series of FPGAs. The advantages of integrating the JPEG-XS transport streams in the KVM include reduced cabling, reduced power consumption, and simplified resource sharing over an IP distribution system. The Cyclone FPGAs are built to meet low-power, cost-sensitive design needs and get to market fast,” said Shaya Fathali, senior director of broadcast, medical, consumer, and test business at Altera.

In cooperation with Fraunhofer IIS, IHSE is the first KVM manufacturer to implement the codec in an IP core for near-latency-free transmission of high-definition video, enabling resolutions of up to 10K and frame rates of up to 480 Hz. The integration of KVM now provides users the ability to manage USB peripherals such as a keyboard and mouse within the same transport signals for high-quality video streams. Customers can take advantage of the integrated KVM with the JPEG-XS transport streams, including reduced cabling (CapEx), reduced power consumption, and simplified resource sharing over an IP distribution system (OpEx), all of which combine to lower customers’ Total Cost of Ownership (TCO).

IHSE will highlight its longtime relationship with Fraunhofer IIS’ design team. Fraunhofer IIS’ JPEG-XS is an image and video coding system designed to enable visually lossless image quality. It can replace uncompressed raw data to reduce bandwidth and energy requirements significantly, resulting in lower costs.

As an Altera Titanium-Level Partner, IHSE selected the Cyclone Series of FPGAs to integrate their JPEG-XS KVM codec. Based on field-proven performance and lower cost, the Cyclone series is the perfect solution for KVM over JPEG-XS because of its wide flexibility and low power consumption. Depending on the size of the FPGA used, resolution and bandwidth can be scaled, further reducing coding space requirements and development costs.


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