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Snap One Demos New RG Nets’ Revenue Extraction Gateway Software Solution (rXg) at InfoComm 2024

Snap One, a smart living technology manufacturer and distributor, offers entertainment, connectivity, control, and security solutions to residential and commercial customers worldwide. The company provides software, support, and digital workflow tools to help integrators build profitable businesses.

Snap One® is showcasing live demos of the new rXg solution from RG Nets at InfoComm Booth #C9477. This solution aims to simplify and enhance internet access in multi-user environments, offering benefits like automated configuration, monitoring, analytics, security measures, and customizable internet services. The demo will display these features and explain the setup process, while representatives from RG Nets and Access Networks will be available to answer questions.

The demonstration is intended to show Snap One Partners and InfoComm attendees how the rXg solution can streamline the installation and management of multi-tenant networks, reduce resource expenditure, and provide enhanced internet services and security. The aim is to help integrators and IT managers increase productivity and profitability by simplifying network setups and offering a reliable and intuitive experience for end users.

Snap One®, an industry-leading manufacturer and distributor of smart living technologies, will be showcasing live demos with RG Nets at InfoComm Booth #C9477 today. The new rXg solution from RG Nets aims to simplify and enhance internet access in restaurants, entertainment venues, MDUs, and other multi-user environments by providing Snap One Partners a new way to automate configuration, operation, and management of Access Networks WLAN infrastructure.

“This year at InfoComm, we’re excited to show our Partners and show attendees everything that the new rXg solution can do,” said Jon Peckman, Director of Sales at Access Networks. “Along with cutting down the resources needed to install multi-tenant networks, including time, money, and labor, we’re also offering better, more flexible and customizable internet service and greater security to end-users.”

At the InfoComm booth, the RG Nets demo will visually show the enhanced benefits that utilizing the rXg system can provide to both integrators and end users, such as microsegmentation, monitoring, analytics, security measures, traffic shaping, and subscriber automation. The demo will also cover what it looks like to set up a new system and the customizations available so Partners can get a better sense of how the platform operates and the added value it can bring to their projects looking for multi-VLAN control. Steve Betz, a Senior Account Executive at RG Nets, will also be in the booth with Access Networks to speak with attendees and answer any questions they may have.

rXg works seamlessly with Access Networks’ solutions such as 2.5Gbps routers, 10Gbps switches and Wi-Fi 6 WAPs so users of all kinds can enjoy reliable internet experiences. By giving owners a simple solution to monetize internet services, including empowering end users to change their service instantly without calling anyone or having to wait for a technician, rXg enables an intuitive and relatively stress-free experience for end users and integrators alike.

Additionally, rXg reduces the pressure and workload of integrators and IT managers by automating network setup and microsegmentation. Notably, rXg does not require expert-level training or knowledge of networking, so companies of all sizes can quickly add it to their existing systems. This simple installation process also removes the need for individuals to arrange their own internet and ensures same-day service without the need to arrange service calls or installation.

“Underlining our commitment to helping our Partners build better businesses, we’re constantly on the lookout for new ways to streamline installations and maintenance to increase productivity and profitability,” added Peckman. “InfoComm gives us a unique opportunity to give a hands-on demonstration of how rXg’s automated network setup combined with the power of Access Networks’ newest commercial-grade networking hardware, will level up Partners’ business.”

You can see the RG Nets Demo at InfoComm Booth #C9477 on Day 1 of the show.


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