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Waves Audio announces upgrades to Cloud MX Audio Mixer, elevating efficiency and simplifying workflows in cloud-based audio mixing

Waves is an audio DSP developer with over 250 plugins and hardware devices. Recognized for its innovative technologies, Waves’ plugins are used in various industries, including music production, broadcast, commercial, and consumer electronics. The company’s WavesLive division leads live sound, and Maxx offers semiconductor algorithms for consumer electronics.

Waves Audio has announced significant advancements in its Cloud MX Audio Mixer to better meet the needs of broadcasters and media networks. These upgrades include automated deployment and installation capabilities via Waves Central, flexible licensing options, and turn-key automated scripts for creating complete environments. The improvements aim to reduce deployment time and complexity, benefiting IT DevOps teams. Cloud MX is compatible with major cloud platforms like AWS and GCP and integrates with protocols such as Dante® Connect™ and NDI®. It is offered on a subscription basis with various plans.

The advancements are designed to address customer feedback and the evolving needs of broadcasters and media networks, enhancing productivity and efficiency. By simplifying deployment and licensing processes, Waves aims to reduce time-to-deployment and complexity, making it easier for IT DevOps teams to manage these environments.

Waves Audio, the world’s leading developer of professional audio signal processing technologies and plugins, is pleased to announce significant advancements in its Cloud MX Audio Mixer. By addressing the evolving needs of broadcasters and media networks, these upgrades significantly reduce time-to-deployment and complexity, particularly benefiting IT DevOps teams tasked with managing these environments.

In response to customer feedback, Waves is introducing the following updates that include advancements in deployment in broadcast environments and simplified licensing, resulting in enhanced productivity and efficiency:

  1. Waves Central’s Remote Assistance ModeWaves Central, the hub for managing Waves licenses and installations, now features automated activation and installation capabilities. Customers can automate deployments by creating a URL that triggers the installation and activation of Cloud MX and its plugins remotely and non-interactively. This helps to reduce deployment time and enhances productivity.
    2. Flexible Licensing Options: Waves now supports license activation to an instance’s local disk drive or an external EBS drive on AWS, as well as to a Persistent Disk on GCP. This flexibility enhances deployment options and simplifies license transfers.
    3. Turn-Key Automated Scripts: Waves provides comprehensive automated scripts that enable broadcasters and M&E companies to create complete environments with a single push of a button. These scripts automate the activation, installation, and configuration of all relevant applications and drivers, ensuring reliable and repeatable deployments.

Cloud MX is designed for compatibility with major cloud platforms and protocols, including Amazon Web Services and Google Cloud Platform. It integrates seamlessly with Dante® Connect™ and NDI® AV protocols. Waves Audio offers Cloud MX on a subscription basis, with weekly, monthly, and yearly plans.


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