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Sometimes it is difficult to find what you are looking for in the world of audio video. That’s why we created this page. It is a repository of various calculators, tools, and tricks to help you do your job. If you have any suggestions to add to the list please send us a note at webmaster@www.avnation.tv 

Lens Calculators

  1. Projector Central http://www.projectorcentral.com/projection-calculator-pro.cfm
    Find any projector’s throw distance for any screen size with this calculator.
  2. Epson https://files.support.epson.com/pdc/eai/flash/Index.html
    Projection throw distance calculator for Epson BrightLink and Short-Throw Projectors
  3. Epson https://files.support.epson.com/pdc/eai/html5/index.html
    Projection throw distance calculator for all other Epson projectors.
  4. NEC http://www.necdisplay.com/tool/image-calculator/2
    Projection throw distance calculator for NEC projectors.
  5. Sony https://pro.sony.com/bbsccms/ext/projectors/installsimulator/projector_sim.html
    Calculate projection distance and projection image size.
  6. Christie Digital https://www.christiedigital.com/en-us/product-support/throw-distance-calculator
    Throw distance calculator for Christie projectors.
  7. BenQ http://projectorcalculator.benq.com/
    Throw distance calculator for BenQ projectors.
  8. Barco https://www.barco.com/Layouts/tools/lensCalculatorVls/LensCalculatorVls_Flash.html#
    Throw distance calculator for Barco projectors.
  9. Infocus http://www.infocus.com/resources/forms/projectioncalculator
    Throw distance calculator for Infocus projectors.
  10. Hitachi http://www.hitachidigitalmedia.com/en-gb/throw-distance-calculator
    Throw distance calculator for Hitachi projectors.
  11. Canon http://www.canon.com/lcd-sim/simulator/projector_calc_p/pjc.html
    Throw distance calculator for Canon projectors.
  12. Panasonic https://panasonic.net/cns/projector/calculator/tdcen/calculator/html/largevenue/home.html
    Throw distance calculator for Panasonic projectors.
  13. Casio http://www.casioprojector.com/resource/swf/distancecalc/lenseCalc_xjf100w.html
    Throw distance calculator for Casio projectors.

Projection Screen Calculators

  1. Draper http://www.draperinc.com/projectionscreens/surfaceselector.aspx
    Projection screen surface selector.
  2. Draper http://www.draperinc.com/projectionscreens/screenfeatures.aspx
    Front projection screen surface and feature reference tool.
  3. Draper http://www.draperinc.com/projectionscreens/customsizecalculator.aspx
    Screen size calculator.
  4. Draper http://www.draperinc.com/projectionscreens/screenformats.aspx
    Common projection formats.
  5. Da-Lite http://screendesigner.da-lite.com/
    Review screen surfaces and sizes with this designer.
  6. Strong MDI Screens https://strongmdi.com/aspect-ratio-calculator/
    Aspect ratio calculator

Mounting Calculators

  1. Chief https://www.milestone.com/en/tools_and_training/tools/mount_finder
    Find the Chief mount that matches your flat panel display or projector.
  2. Chief https://www.milestone.com/en/tools_and_training/tools/fusion_modular_tool
    Chief Fusion multi-display configurator
  3. Chief https://www.milestone.com/tools_and_training/tools/automated_product_serial_commands
    Serial commands for Chief’s automated products.
  4. Peerless-AV https://www.peerless-av.com/en-us/search
    Find the Peerless-AV mount that matches your flat panel display or projector.
  5. Premier Mounts https://www.premiermounts.com/mount-finder/
    Find the Premier Mount that matches your flat panel display or projector.

Audio Calculators

  1. Extron http://www.extron.com/product/audiotools.aspx
    Extron Audio Tools help you find the audio calculations for your project including ceiling speaker calculator, XTRA™ Series energy usages and thermal dissipation, amplifier power required, dB to volts, inverse square law, Ohm’s law, power ratio, and voltage ratio.
  2. Sound Devices https://www.sounddevices.com/tech-notes/audio-recording-calculator
    Determine the amount of storage space your digital audio will use or the amount of digital audio time storage space will allow.
  3. Rane/AES http://www.aes.org/par/guide/
    Pro Audio Style Guide that provides clear definitions of terminology for pro audio writing.
  4. AES http://www.aes.org/par/book/
    Pro Audio Reference Books.
  5. Kramer https://kramerelectronics.wufoo.com/forms/zyllb8110a7kzv/
    ConfigurAudio is for planning out a speaker installation based on room conditions.
  6. Kramer https://k.kramerav.com/desktop/kcc/web/kramercore.html#
    The Kramer Core™ Configurator helps you to configure your Kramer multi-format digital mixer inputs and outputs.
  7. Crown by Harman http://www.crownaudio.com/en-US/tools/calculators
    Crown System Design Tools allows you to calculate:dB Power Ratio, dB Voltage Ratio, Amplifier power required, Inverse Square Law, Line loss, Ohms/Watt’s Law, and Constant voltage.
  8. dbx by Harman http://dbxpro.com/en-US/tools/calculators
    dbx System Design Tools allows you to calculate: dB Power Ratio, dB Voltage Ratio, Amplifier power required, Inverse Square Law, Line loss, Ohms/Watt’s Law, and Constant voltage.
  9. Soundcraft by Harman http://www.soundcraft.com/en-US/tools/calculators
    Soundcraft System Design Tools allows you to calculate: db Power Ratio, db Voltage Ratio, Amplifier power required, Inverse Square Law, Line loss, Ohms/Watt’s Law, and Constant voltage.
  10. AtlasIED https://www.atlasied.com/LoudspeakerPlacementTool
    The AtlasIED Loudspeaker Placement Tool makes it easier to select the proper speaker positioning in a room.
  11. Biamp https://support.biamp.com/Calculators
    Biamp provides calculators that help with planning your project and using Biamp products. These calculators include: Date code lookup, Power draw/Heat dissipation calculator, Audia/Nexia command string calculator, and Tesira command string calculator.

ROI Calculators

  1. NEC http://www.necdisplay.com/tool/total-cost-of-ownership-calculator/5
    The total cost of ownership calculator compares NEC displays with other displays.
  2. AVI-SPL http://pages.avispl.com/business-case-starter-for-connected-workplaces
    The AVI-SPL Business Case Starter can be used when you are designing or upgrading your collaborative workspace. This tool creates a report you can share with your team and decision-makers that show the benefits that support the key drivers needed to support your employees.
  3. AVI-SPL http://pages.avispl.com/business-case-toolkit-insight-into-digital-workplace-initiatives
    The AVI-SPL Business Case Toolkit is a three-piece tool that provides definitions and descriptions to help you make your business case for a digitally connected workplace. You can map your business drivers to measurable benefits and conduct a gap analysis to compare your current connected workplace with your target connected workplace.
  4. AVI-SPL http://pages.avispl.com/cost-model
    With the AVI-SPL Cost Model, you can gain financial insight into how your collaboration investment will pay off in 5 years. Compare buying versus building huddle rooms and conference rooms while choosing your expected business benefits and see their anticipated value.

Rack Builders

  1. Chief http://rackbuilder.chiefmfg.com/configure.aspx
    Professional AV rack tool that enables you to visually build a rack.
  2. Middle Atlantic Products https://middleatlantic.netprm.com/pc/storefront.aspx?anon=true
    Professional AV rack tool that enables you to visually build and create custom designs.
  3. Lowell http://www.lowellmfg.com/resources/apps/rack-finder/
    Use the Rack Finder to determine the specific rack model you need or to find the rack series best suited for your application.

Room Builders

  1. Kramer https://k.kramerav.com/desktop/krc/web/web.html#
    The Kramer Room Connectivity Configurator helps you determine how to connect your room devices together using tables solutions, wall plates floor boxes, and rack mount solutions.
  2. Extron http://www.extron.com/tools/index.aspx?s=tab03
    Extron Tech Tools help you find the calculators and configurators you need for your project including: audio calculator, optical loss budget calculator, 4K data rate calculator, storage capacity calculator, XTP energy consumption calculator, eBUS power calculator, SMX matrix configurator, Matrix builder, TeamWork system builder, XTP system builder, Classroom AV system builder, Cable Cubby builder, Connectivity configurator, AAP selector, AVEdge builder, Custom button builder, AutoCAD blog diagrams, Revit BIM files, A&E specifications, Panel drawings, Product specifications, and 4:4:4 Test Pattern.
  3. FSR https://fsrinc.com/ips/
    FSR IPS Planner helps you design a configuration of IPS components.
  4. FSR https://fsrinc.com/TB_IPSBOSE_Configurator/
    FSR TB-IPS/Bose configurator helps you design and configure TB-IPS and TB-BOSE table boxes.
  5. FSR https://fsrinc.com/sf/
    FSR Smartfit Designer helps you design a configuration of Smartfit components.
  6. FSR https://fsrinc.com/T6-configurator/
    FSR T6 & T6-Flex configurator helps you design and configure T6 or T6-Flex tables boxes with a parts list that includes MSRP.
  7. AVI-SPL http://collaboration.avispl.com/
    AVI-SPL Collaboration Spaces allows you to explore various room options.
  8. Biamp http://sdg.biamp.com
    Biamp System Design Guides help you determine what solution fits your need.
  9. FidoLED LED Wall Calculator http://www.fidoled.com/
    This tool allows you to quickly calculate size, power, and weight for LED walls.
  10. SoundTube Speaker Calculator: Click Here

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