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Dante and Digital Signage on Your Campus

Note: This blog is a continuation of the ideas discussed in a recent EdTech podcast. Over the past 10 years, Dante has become a top audio networking solution for uncompressed, multi-channel digital media networking technology. There are many Dante-enabled products available from multiple manufacturers, so you are easily able to upgrade your audio visual system […]

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A recap of ISE 2017

  Another Integrated Systems Europe has come and gone. Over 73,000 AV professionals filtered through the RAI in Amsterdam and 100 plus new products were released It was a hectic four days for exhibitors, attendees, the show organizers, and the press covering it. From my point of view, here are some of the biggest stories […]

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Diction, Dialog, Drats!

Voice Control is soon to be the ubiquitous interface, one famous man provides us with proper procedure to make it perfect. Always! It has long been a dream to control systems and access information without the inconvenience or awkwardness of a physical interface. Touchscreen and mobile devices, (such as phones and tablets), all require tactile […]

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