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AVWeek 471: Experiential Remote

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Four Walls

If you’ve already looked at one of our stories, you could be listening to us in the luxury of Las Vegas! Wherever you are, we’re here to bring you the latest news coming out of the commercial side of the AV industry. And with us to break down these stories is friend of the site and freelance technology maestro George Tucker, Director of Systems Solutions at QSC Cory Schaeffer, and Chief Video Conference Engineer for h323HD Julio Carrasco.

Monday morning as many companies were working and schools were coming back, Zoom had a major outage across their webinars and meetings. Google, Teams and WebEx were also affected by heavy traffic. Considering how software reliant we are in the midst of this pandemic, this is a serious potential problem. What can we do to plan for outages like this when the systems fail? We also take a look at Zoom’s response to the situation, and how fittingly, communication is key.

Display manufacturer Avocor’s AVW-6555 has become certified for Microsoft Teams. It’s the first Windows collaboration display, engineered specifically for this purpose. What’s the manufacturer’s thought process in making such a specifically designed solution? What happens when the service becomes obsolete or is moved on? Discussing where IoT and software converging in AV. Tim also waxes nostalgic about Microsoft Wave.

MGM Resorts has created a “Work From Vegas” business package for the Bellagio and ARIA resorts. That’s right, for at the least $100 a night you can work from a hotel room in Vegas. It’s unsure If the systems updated to handle enterprise and office work bandwidth, but this is an opportunity for businesses and places that have been stopped dead in their tracks by the aforementioned pandemic like live event and staging. What can AV do to help that industry and others like it?

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