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AVWeek 483: Encrypt Me

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This year, we’re thankful for the multitude of stories coming out of the commercial side of AV, because without it we would have to resort to desperate topics like politics and such. We’re also thankful for you joining us as well as our panel of guests, Director of Product Strategy for Logitech Simon Dudley, AV expert and host of AVIXA’s TIDE Generator podcast Kirsten Nelson, and QSC’s Director of Strategic Industry Relations (and by the time of this posting, Birthday Lady) Cory Schaeffer to look at what’s going on in AV. 

Video conferencing technology has made quite the impact in 2020, since everyone and their dog is using it for business, educational and personal space. But something that has recently cropped up is the topic of security within these conferencing solutions. Is there something that integrators and manufacturers can do for end users to assist with the security conversation? Are we taking it seriously enough? 

Sound and Communications reports that the augmented reality and virtual reality market has had a surge of investment this year totaling more than $2 billion. Once again like video conferencing, this isn’t totally a surprise considering most consumers are in their homes. Can the AV industry still get in on the AR/VR train, or is it too late? What ways can AR and VR be applied for use with AV? Looking at the potential of this market for our space. 

Shure is making an investment in the Finnish software company Wavemark. Shure is mostly known for their hardware of microphones and headphones, but more companies are getting into software and programming. How important are these fields going to be for the AV industry going forward? Looking at the software side of AV and where it will be headed down the line.

  • AVNation studios production equipment provided by Shure and Vaddio.  
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