Monday, June 17, 2024
YOU ARE AT:AVWeek 491: Corona Tech

AVWeek 491: Corona Tech

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We’ll Meet Again

Before we trudge into the peak of our winter season, let’s huddle together for warmth and discuss the latest news coming out of the commercial side of the AV industry. Except that we’re all virtual and monitors don’t get as hot as they did in the CRT days. Either way, joining us we have Vice President of Account Services for Caster Communications Rachel Bradshaw, Marketing Director for PTZOptics Paul Richards and host of our very own AVSocial show, Dawn Meade.

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As it was announced back in August, CES 2021 has gone entirely virtual. Most of the actual products will probably be discussed during ResiWeek, so we take a step back and look at the virtual event space as a whole. What are some of the highlights of shows like this? What are we losing by not being together in the real world, and is there a way to compensate for lost things like impromptu dinners?

RTI has debuted a 4K Video over IP platform, allowing 4K video streams to be sent over a 1GB network switch. In a chicken or egg situation, was this brought on by end users who really wanted the power of 4K, or manufacturers who had the technology ready to make this kind of push? Do we really need this much power to begin with?

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