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AVWeek 504: Dragging Pro AV

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Solid Evidence

Wait a minute, that’s not Tim! It’s some sort of Canadian knock-off. Well, whether we have our normal host or the northern equivalent we’re still here to bring you the latest news coming out of the commercial side of the industry. Joining Matt today is Senior Technology Specialist for Otterbein University Willie Franklin and Vice President Systems Americas at QSC Frank West.

Audinate has announced a new Dante AVIO USB-C adapter for connecting with and Dante audio network. It doesn’t require any additional drivers and works in several applications such as conference room setup, background music and so on. Despite standards being the usual butt of a joke, USB has withstood the test of time for over two decades. Is USB-C the next step for USB technology within pro AV? Looking at where it could be headed in different AV spaces.

Back in February there were some stories going around surrounding the global chip shortages and what was causing them in the first place. In fact, we covered some on Matt’s very own show ResiWeek. Bloomberg recently reported a larger widespread effect of this shortage that will very likely impact the commercial side as well. How bad could this get? What if anything can companies and integrators on this side of fence do to bolster their businesses during this downtime? Discussing the long-range impact of this on our industry and potentially many others.

The US Centers of Disease Control (CDC) have published a report that states there is a less than 1 in 10,000 chance of getting Covid-19 from a surface contaminated by the virus. Considering that a lot of the AV industry’s solutions and goodies depend on touchscreens and interaction, there was a lot of concern about this in the early stages of the pandemic. We moved from using the solutions in the room to bring your own devices as well as looked for touchless solutions. How can we educate the businesses and end-users that touchscreens are safe again? Will we be able to get back to normal? What this information means for commercial AV.

Host: Matt Scott
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