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AVWeek 518: Meeting Equity

Put This In Your Toolbelt

While Tim is off using those fancy CTI CMO letters, George Tucker is here to take the helm in discussing the latest news on the commercial side of the AV industry. Joining him in this endeavor is Director of Systems Solutions for QSC Cory Schaeffer, Shure Applications Engineer Joel Norris and host of our own AVSocial show Dawn Meade.

Our conversation starts with education, namely the crossroads between certifications and experience. Like most things, a good balance is key. The AV industry is certainly no stranger to training courses and certification classes. Is one better than the other, or is it a mix? How important is education as AV technology evolves and we close the gap between AV and IT? Looking at the importance of training for the AV industry.

According to a new report from Future Market Insights the global conference room system market is expected to expand about fifteen percent. Not just for the year of 2021, but annually over the course of the decade. While workers are coming back to the office, there is a veritable shift to working from home or a hybrid setup. So is this constant increase for a decade a bit optimistic, or will that continuing reliance on conferencing solutions be that kind of swelling interest? Discussing the conference room solution space and where it might be headed for the next decade.

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