Friday, June 21, 2024
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AVWeek 527: Where The Kids At?

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Whether you’re at home, in the office of some amalgamation of the two, we are here to look at the commercial side of the AV industry and find out what’s going on. Joining us today is host of our own AVSocial Dawn Meade, Product Marketing Manager for ATEN Christian Young, Managing Partner for Q Division Manolo Almagro and Channel Manager for DTEN David Silberstein.

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According to a survey conducted by Barco, a third of workers feel their company has not prioritised hybrid working and the investments to get these solutions into the office. After remote work became standard for quite a few businesses, it has been more of a goal to get workers back into the office rather than looking at a hybrid situation. Is this just a matter of businesses stuck in their ways, or doess hybrid work have a significant impact to efficiency instead of going to the office? Is there a way that integrators and manufacturers in AV can showcase the benefits of hybrid working? Looking at what this means for the office space moving forward.

Speaking somewhat tangentially of old fogies, we look at what companies can do to create opportunities for the next generation to enter the AV industry. There are some organizations like AVIXA and NSCA who have programs to attract younger people into the technology space, but what can companies and integrators do themselves? Is there something we can do to better represent our industry? Looking at what it takes to get AV out there and possibly in the minds of the next generation of the workforce.

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