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AVWeek 555: Unreal AV

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Here in the midwest we are reeling from the polarizing weather, but the best way to stay in balance to have something with consistency. Something like our commitment to look at the latest news coming out of the commercial side of the AV industry! Joining us this week is Integrated Systems Design Partner at Kirkegaard Bren Walker, Business Development Director for AVI-SPL Mark Coxon and proprietor of #AVintheAM as well as Market Development Manager for Starin Chris Neto.

Biamp has won four 2022 Red Dot Awards for outstanding product design. The products that were awarded were The Desono EX Loudspeakers, NPX Paging Stations, the TesiraFORTE X and the Devio SCX. The Red Dot awards are an internationally established name as a seal of quality for the design of products. Every industry has its awards, and those award seasons can serve not only to highlight the quality of a product, but to promote both the companies and industry as a whole. How much impact do awards like this have for companies and the clients who are selecting these products for their projects? Discussing the merits of awards within the AV and IT space.

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Crestron has announced the expansion of their room control solutions via enchancements to VC-4. The new VC-4 Virtual Control platform will enable IT managers to scale configurations faster than traditional hardware-based platforms. It also comes equipped with the XiO cloud Technology Operations Management platform. What does it mean for a company like Crestron to expand into the cloud AV space? Looking at the control platform space and the evolution of the “traditional” AV network channel.

In the ward of Shinjuku in Tokyo, Nike has taken over a large LED billboard celebrating the Air Max shoe. These kinds of “pop-up” advertisements have been making their rounds on the internet, showing the forced perpsective illusion of 3D images. If you wish to be a wet blanket, it is not actual 3D or augmented reality. However, it is simply very cool and showcases the power of display technology. How do we get to this kind of ingenuity to work with the spaces given by designers to create a truly unique AV experience?

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