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AVWeek 559: Speechless

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With Bradford Benn as the host, either the inmates are running the asylum or Tim is headed off to another big AV trade show. A little bit from column A, a little from column B. AVNation is headed off to Integrated Systems Europe 2022 but the news doesn’t stop for anyone! Joining the Advisist himself in rounding up the latest stories on the commercial side of the AV industry is host of ResiWeek Matt Scott and Business Development Representative for Audinate Alesia Hendley.

AVI-SPL has announced their completed incorporation of AVI-SPL India Private Limited. This is expanding their reach even further in South Asia. Global expansion shouldn’t be too surprising for AVI-SPL as a whole, considering their incorporation of operations in Mexico last year and their acquisition of Dublin-based Sonics in February. What does this mean for the company as it expands like this? Looking at the impact of global companies for the AV industry as a whole.

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Zoom is expected to make an $85 million payout as part of a class action lawsuit concerning breaches of security. This settlement comes from a US court proceeding last week as a culmination of 14 class-action complaints filed between March and May 2020 by two churches and several private individuals. To that end, Zoom has agreed to major security changes to their platform. Will these changes have actual impact, or is this is just appeasement to avoid further litigation?

The AVIXA Women’s Council has teamed up with the non-profit organization Rosie Riveters for the future of women in the world of AV. This partnership looks to provide the resources and pathways for young women to get interested in STEM careers which can translate into the AV industry. Advisist is actually the title sponsor of this partnership! But before you denounce shenanigans and collusion, he had no idea this was going to be a story on this episode. What does it mean for initiatives like this to diversify the AV industry? How can we as a community get involved and make this space a welcome place for everyone?

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