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AVWeek 569: We’re All Legends

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Sardines Have More Room

Tim is in California hanging out with Joe Way, so don’t feel that bad that we’re stuck that Matt has to fill in to discuss the latest news coming out of the commercial side of the AV industry. Joining him are a host of experts including Business Development Manager for QSC Charmaine Torruella, Vice President of Sales for BrightSign Frank Pisano and writer Kirsten Nelson.

Microsoft has unveiled a new online tool for AV professionals. The Microsoft Teams Rooms Tour lets users configure a conferencing space from a small five-person space to something that can accomodate 20 or more attendees. Along with their many new certified products for Microsoft Teams, it looks like they are really stepping up their conferencing solutions. What does that mean for the industry for a big player like Microsoft to be this far in?

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We next look at the potential future of the post-pandemic office. Previously, an open office design was made with fitting as many bodies as humanly possible into a large space, but that is most certainly going to change in this climate. What is the office of the future going to be? And what the heck is a WiggleRoom?

Finally, Amazon and LG are collaborating on integration with Alexa in LG televisions for hotels. Voice control has been a huge thing in the residential space for a few years now with voice assistants such as Alexa and Google Home. Now they are looking to get into the hospitality space by integrating with LG solutions. Would this be a welcome change, or is a microphone in the hotel room a bridge too far?

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