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AVWeek 578: AV Church & State

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Lock & Key

Time for your weekly dose of news and information coming out of the commercial side of the AV industry. Joining us on our panel of experts is Director of Product marketing at Extron Derek Joncas, Live Event AV Business Consultant & Technical Producer Wallace Johnson and infrequent host of AVSocial Dawn Meade.

Ricoh has acquired Cenero. While it sounds like your average company being bought by another company that is happening with great frequency in the AV space, the interesting wrinkle in this is that Ricoh is a manufacturer while Cenero is an integrator. This isn’t the first time that Ricoh has acquired an integrator, purchasing DataVision in Germany back in 2020. What is the impact of a manufacturer having a integration team in their wheelhouse? Is there some degrees of separation between these parts of the industry? Looking at what this deal means for both companies as it moves ahead.

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PPDS has been certified for use by the US Government. The display solutions side of Philips has now been permitted for installation in federal, state and local institutions by way of the Trade Act Agreement. It’s not a certification that gets passed out easily, considering the red tape and precautions that a major government might take. In this age of virtual meetings, security is a serious concern for many. What is the impact of certifications like this for our industry, and does it make us that more valuable for companies?

Whether you want to use the term “debacle”, “bump in the road”, or the editor’s favorite, “kerfuffle”, we are still talking about the supply chain issues. But Userful’s CEO John Marshall offers an opportunity around these problems, and it lies within software-centric solutions. What integrators and companies should be looking towards are software defined solutions such as AV over IP to send out the necessary signals and get projects finished. But is software really the industry’s panacea? We discuss the pros and cons of such systems and what it will take for the AV industry to ride this kerfuffle out.

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Snap One Joins National Systems Contractors Association (NSCA)

Snap One announced its membership with the National Systems Contractors Association (NSCA), a prominent association supporting commercial integrators with training and resources.