Thursday, July 18, 2024
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AVWeek 581: Vote For Joe

Communication Challenge

It’s time to run down the latest news coming out of the commercial side of the AV industry and discuss it amongst a panel of experts. Joining us this week is Business Development Manager for QSC Charmaine Torruella, Technology Evangelist at Legrand Joe Cornwall, and Extron Director of Product Marketing Andrew Evans.

We start off our discussion looking at sustainable developments within our industry. Not only is SAVe a clever name, it is also an organization looking to improve the ecological footprint that AV has on the world. So what can manufacturers do to help groups like this reach their goal? What it means to encourage the industry as a whole to strive for a sustainable system. 

About a month ago, we looked at Germany’s recent ban on digital signage systems operating in specific times. After some confusion, those restrictions have been dialed back a bit. Part of the pushback came from those integrators affected by the regulations. AV is sometimes seen as the hidden world, which can be fun for experiences but a nightmare for legislators actually understanding what goes on in our industry. What lessons can we take from this instance, and how do we make our space more common knowledge to avoid future red tape?

Speaking of confusion, the USB Implement Forum is nixing their SuperSpeed branding, and instead asking users to refer to their products by the version number and specifications. This is not dissimilar to HDMI’s pattern of using version names and speeds in their cables. Joe Cornwall has been talking about USB for over two decades, so it’s a good time to ask: Where does USB belong in AV?

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