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AVWeek 584: Simple MTR

Necessity Is The Mother Of Invention

Happy Halloween! Despite it being the season for the spooky, we don’t have any jumpscares here. We’re still bringing you the latest news coming out of the commercial side of the AV industry. Joining us this week is AV consultant Mike Gopal, industry veteran Kelly Cicchetti, and self-proclaimed “most important person in AV” Advisist Bradford Benn.

Extron’s founder and President Andrew Evans is changing his position to Chairman of the Board for the company. In addition there have been appointments of different executive positions such as Brian Taraci as CEO, Casey Hall as CMO and Ed Ellingwood as the CFO. What does it mean for Extron to make this change? What it takes to make a company built for the long-term, and what this will mean for Extron moving forward.

We next look at the strategies involved with making Microsoft Teams Rooms a success. These MTRs have great potential in both corporate and higher education spaces for hybrid communications. Are we as integrators missing something when it comes to designing these rooms? What it takes to create a successful conferencing space for both in-person and remote attendees.

Audinate announced that they are now shipping their Dante Brooklyn Audio 3 networking module. This is a replacement for Dante Brooklyn 2, having been redesigned to ensure compatibility for future updates. We are still in a supply chain situation, so having hardware that is prepared for the future like this is always important. But the question does remain: Why now? If we could do it before, why not have this ready? We discuss the line between innovation and necessity and what manufacturers will have to do while we are still in this shortage.

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