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AVWeek 585: Make. More. Chips.

Social Media Is Dead, Long Live Social Media

It’s time to look at all the latest news concerning the commercial side of the AV industry. Joining us this week is Strategic Account Director for Crestron John Grubin, Collaborating Partner for Kirkegaard Bren Walker, and SDVoE Alliance President Justin Kennington.

Unlike the actual supply chain shortages, we are never going to run out of stories about the supply chain. But Justin Kennnington has discussed the properties of field-programmable gate array (FGPA) chips and application-specific integrated circuit (ASIC) chips. FGPA chips are very programmable, and can be reprogrammed for any general use, where ASIC devices are optimized for a more narrow set of functions. So how could AV programmers potentially utilize ASIC chips for devices? We look at the current state of the supply chain and what this could mean for the industry as a whole.

Poly’s Sutdio X video bars will be the first of their kind to use Android for Google Meet. Their award-winning line of video bars join the growing list of devices certified for Google Meet, Google Voice and Chrome OS. Does one operating system give any real advantage over another when it comes to the device? Is there an issue on having so many in use, or would there be value in coming up with a standard?

If you somehow haven’t heard the news, Twitter has finally changed hands after being purchased for $44 billion. But our story is more about the advertisers that have taken a temporary pause on the social media platform. So, is social media really dead like Bren is saying? If so, where can integrators and those in the AV industry gather once more to talk online? We look at what the future holds for our communities.

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