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AVWeek 596: AV Drama

A Tale of AV and IT, Eternally Retold

It’s time to look at the latest news surrounding the commercial side of the AV industry, and discuss it amongst a panel of experts. Experts like President of Frank DJ & Event Services Willie Franklin, Regional Sales Manager for Avocor Kylie Pfile, and Vice President of EDGE Patrick Whipkey.

The Women in AV/IT group has been formed, comprised of industry leaders to advocate women’s positions within the AV space. WAVIT’s founding members are made of some stellar women in the business that have been on this very show, including but not limited to Gina Sansivero, Erica Carroll, Jennifer Goodyer and even the recently retired Cory Schaeffer as ex-officio advisor. How can we advocate for women within AV? Discussing where the industry has to go to empower everyone equally within the space.

DTEN is set to showcase many new multi-platform products at Integrated Systems Europe 2023. Side note, if you have no idea what ISE is, or what is going to be going down at this year’s event, we have been On The Road To ISE 2023 talking to some of the biggest brands about their booths. More apropos to this story is the emphasis on multi-platform. What does it mean for DTEN to branch out past Zoom? Looking at the many different operating systems at play and what it takes for everyone to play nice together.

Finally, Tim has written his own piece, and it’s about a battle that rages everlasting within the AV industry. And yet, it’s just a simple question: Is AV IT? Information Technology and the Audio-Visual space are both technology sectors with massively growing markets because of the innovation within. But for a good chunk of either industries, never the twain shall meet. We’re (probably) not here to end the battle once and for all, but rather discuss the convergence of the two spaces and what that mean for both parties moving forward.

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