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AVWeek 611: Ethereal AV

Who Ya Gonna Call? (For A Meeting)

Unlike some of your meetings, this show is full of living people. Probably. But even if you’re a spirit haunting a meeting, we are here to bring you the latest news and stories from the commercial side of the AV industry. Joining us this week is Senior Director of LVX Sales for Barco Dan Gundry, Building Technology Designer for HGA Kelly Teel and Education Director for Pace University George Chacko.

Christopher Jaynes has joined QSC as Senior Vice President of Software Technologies. This may come to some as a big surprise, because Jaynes was the founder of Mersive Technologies back in 2006. He’ll be bringing a bounty of experience in software development and digital signal processes to the Q-SYS space. We discuss what this means not only for Q-SYS, but Mersive and the wider AV space.

Sonos is entering the commercial space through Software as a Service. They have introduced Sonos Pro as a way for commercial spaces to deliver audio content in their spaces. Where will we see this being implemented?

Finally, we look at the curious cases of “ghost meetings”. No, this isn’t actually anything supernatural, but rather when a room is booked but no one is there to attend. There might be hybrid workers or remote call-ins, but the meeting space itself is still booked. How can we ensure rooms are being scheduled even if no one shows up?

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