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EDTech 106: Getting Schooled In AV

The Chicken & The Egg, But For Pedagogy

Even if we’re about to be between semesters, the news on the higher education side of AV doesn’t stop. If anything, it only ramps up. But that’s why we have a panel of experts to look at what’s going on in the industry. Joining us this month is Director of Support Services & Media Services for Roger Williams University Karen Ethier and Director of Client Services for Bates College Scott Tiner.

Yamaha Unified Communications talks about their involvement in Exteris Almo’s E4 Experience shows. Almo has held these regional events for the past few years, going around the country and giving a place for those in AV industry a chance to see innovations in AV as well as connect with those in the same industry. But we also have huge shows like InfoComm and Integrated Systems Europe that do that same thing on a much more massive scale. Does one fare better than the other, or is there space enough for both regional and big shows to exist?

ARuVR is set to open an AR, VR and metaverse design training center at the University of London. It would be the largest bespoke training studio for these verticals, offering expertise to undergraduate and post-graduate students. The futurist technology is interesting (and we have an entire show around those subjects) but we also wonder how something like this could be applied to the AV industry. What does a “classroom for AV” look like?

Finally, we look at the potential options for artificial intelligence within the AV industry. And since this is a higher education focused show, we look at how AI might affect the classroom. Is there a use  for artificial intelligence solutions in the higher education space?

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