Friday, June 14, 2024
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AVWeek 616: Dollars & Sense

In Case Of Emergency

InfoComm is now only a multitude of hours away. But even if we’re on the road to InfoComm 2023, the news does not stop on any count. So we’ve gathered some experts in the AV industry to discuss the latest stories on the commercial side. Joining us this week is Advisist himself Bradford Benn, Director of Event Technology for Moravian University Britt Yenser, and Business Development Manager for Starin Jennifer Weaver.

The FTC is accusing Ring of compromising their customers’ privacy and data through their camera solutions. According to the FTC, their lack of privacy and security has exposed consumers to harassment and unwarranted surveillance. Ring is primarily a residential solution, but some businesses have opted for their use in commercial spaces. What does this mean for systems like this across the AV industry?

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Chinese manufacturer BOE has showcased the first 16K display to be put on the market. This 110″ prototype was unveiled at the Display Week trade show in Los Angeles. 16K is not an entirely new thing, but we are still struggling for content in the 8K and even 4K space. Are we ready for 16K?

The scoreboard for the Mets malfunctioned during a game, displaying the logo of the Rays on their massive screen. It garnered a lot of boos from the crowd, but also has inspired a discussion on our own part: What happens when AV fails? Solutions are never going to work perfectly all the time. But what can we do to prepare for those events and have a plan to fix things when something goes wrong?

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