Wednesday, December 6, 2023
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AVWeek 623: AV Show & Tell

Watch The Skies, Traveler

The nice thing about podcasts is that the audio isn’t thrown out in the airwaves like radio, or projected onto the night sky like one our stories. No, the news of the commercial side of the AV industry rests right here in the series of tubes known as the internet. Joining us this week is Executive Vice President of Pearl Technology Jeremy Caldera and Building Technology Designer for HGA Kelly Teel.

Pepsi is looking into orbital billboards to project advertisements into the sky. Airspace rights is a complex issue that we do not have hours to spend on, so we’ll focus on the AV side of things. What’s the regulations on this when it comes to things like light pollution? Discussing where this could headed, hopefully not some sort of dystopian nightmare.

Yealink has a new Customer Experience Center in Dallas. It features a host of hands-on tech demos for their videoconferencing, communication and collaboration solutions. Demo rooms are not a new thing for our space, although for some reason they’ve dipped in the past few years. Sarcasm intended. Now that we’re in a modern age, how can integrators make the time to see something like this in person?

Blackwire Designs has announced the release of their AV over IP configuration tool. This enables dealers to purchase preconfigured video over IP systmes from Just Add Power or AVPro Edge for their specific spaces. Where could ‘pre-set’ AV bundles like this most benefit integrators?

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