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AVWeek 643: Investing In AV

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Pixel, Perfect

We are so very close to the end of 2023! But regardless of what part of the year you’re at, news is always showing up. So we’re here to discuss the biggest stories from the commercial AV space. Joining us this week is Steve Kawasaki from The Farm, Brock McGinnis from Nationwide AV, and Britt Yenser from Moravian University.

Yes, we are still talking about the MSG Sphere in Las Vegas. AV Magazine has taken a look at the partnerships pertaining to the construction of the Sphere. Through a filing through the US Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC), Sphere Entertainment Co. has investments in SACO Technologies and Holoplot. We break down what this all means for these companies, and what this means for AV as a whole moving forward.

Q-SYS has a new set of loudspeakers certified for Microsoft Teams Rooms. The interesting wrinkle here is that it’s the first certified solution to support spatial audio. Spatial audio is usually only thought to be useful for watching movies or playing games. Can it provide a greater experience for meeting equity?

Robert Heron writes on our site about the different values of screens and displays. He runs through what matters about screen resolutions, pixels and aspect ratios, and the details in the details. Where does 4K matter? When is it overkill? We look at where different displays belong in various projects and spaces.

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