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Daily Download Wednesday June 24, 2020

Gate’s Open, Come On In

A State of Control 69: Steve Greenblatt is joined by Rich Fregosa, Oliver Hall and Patrick Murray talking about user interface design. Oliver Hall starts off talking about the evolving role of the programmer as web UI design becomes more integrated with standard UI design.


To listen to the full episode of A State Of Control 69 click here.

In the fast paced business of the audiovisual industry, we offer up five minutes of AV news and insight. The Daily Download is the AVNation Media, Inc. podcast that provides clips and cuts of our various shows. Each and every weekday morning the Daily Download brings news from AVIXA, CEDIA, NSCA, ISE, and other organizations as well as your favorite, or least favorite, manufacturers.

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As this is a representation of the cross section of the AVNation offerings, you will hear from various hosts including Matt Scott, Dawn Meade, Kelly Perkins, Llanor Alleyne, Steve Greenblatt, Wallace Johnson, and Tim Albright.

Tim Albright, founder of AVNation, hosts the show. The format is a brief introduction into what podcast the clip comes from as well as an understanding of the conversation you are getting ready to jump into. The Daily Download is also the first AVNation podcast to be available through the Amazon Alexa skill as a Flash Briefing.

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