Thursday, July 18, 2024
YOU ARE AT:Digital Signage Digest 13: Great Walls of Fire

Digital Signage Digest 13: Great Walls of Fire

Keep Calm & Carry On

DSE 2020, or Digital Signage Expo, is coming to the Las Vegas Convention Center from March 31st to April 3rd. Seeing as how it’s one of the biggest events in the year for the digital signage market, we talk to organizers within the show about what to expect on the show floor and where the market is expected to grow. We also talk to Samsung about their digital signage division about what they are bringing to the show.




Digital signage has emerged from the traditional out of home advertising market. The traditional methods of billboards and bus shelter signs has given way to dynamic screens and interactive backend systems. Commercial audiovisual integrators can certainly have a hand in putting these digital signage systems into place. These AV pros have the history and expertise in running the cable, specifying the correct display, and deploying the hardware that makes the digital signage industry run. The other side of digital signage are the creatives. Audiovisual integrators can gain this expertise by partnering or hiring the creative teams required to turn regular displays into digital signage experiences.

Llanor Alleyne hosts our monthly look at the digital signage industry, Digital Signage Digest. This program is a hybrid news and topic program. Llanor will highlight a news story impacting the digital signage industry but also go deeper with various topics that are crucial to the market.