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Don’t be spooked! Even if it’s October, it’s too early for that. Instead, consider looking at the latest news pertaining to the intersection between the AV industry and the higher education space. Joining us is Director of AV Services for the University of Arkansas Ernie Bailey, Director of Client Services for Bates College Scott Tiner, Assistant Director of Multimedia Services for Drexel University Rob Rasberry and AV Project Manager for Florida International University Kameesha Jones.

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Friend of the show Britt Yenser writes about creating documentation for your student employment program. Student workers are kind of the modern apprenticeship, where students can gain experience in a workfield space while also furthering their own education. We discuss the merits of student work programs and what it takes get something like this off the ground.

Maybe it is the perfect time to be spooked, since Scott wrote about a cautionary tale about software. Sure to strike fear into any technology manager. Software has become a hotly debated topic in the higher education space, due to an increase in expenses to get these programs working. Where is the line for software in this space?

Logitech has launched a camera specifically designed for non-digital content in meetings. The Logitech Reach lets users lay out their content and position the camera in different ways to share with other attendees. It sounds awfully close to a document camera… But for now, we’ll let that slide. Where could we see products like this used in higher education?

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