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EDTech 114: Counterfeit Relationships

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Counterfeit Faker

New year, new semester! We’re here to look at the higher education space and what technology managers need to know. Joining us this month is Scott Tiner from Bates College, Ernie Bailey from the University of Arkansas and Kevin Hartman from the University of Buffalo.

L-Acoustics hosted an event to dispose of over a hundred counterfeit speakers. These solutions were seized after a legal battle in Tampa concerning trademark infringement and counterfeiting. How can technology managers know that what they’re getting is legitimate? How to handle counterfeit AV products.

In a bit of connection to the prior story, we talk about the relationships between your team and AV sellers. Scott Tiner writes about building the relationship between the industry and technology managers. How do we keep these connections in the industry?

Finally, we discuss the lessons learned from the supply chain crisis. Educational budgets are already tenuous, so adding in a shortage of solutions made things ever more complicated. While we can’t stockpile and prepare for something similar down the line, how can technology managers mitigate things if a situation like this comes up?

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