Friday, May 17, 2024
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AVWeek 646: Bespoke AV


Broke, Woke, Bespoke

Maybe it’s because we’ve been “off” for two weeks, but we are primed and ready to bring you the biggest stories for the AV industry. In this packed show, we have Chris Neto from Starin Marketing, Mark Coxon from AVI-SPL, and Kristin Bidwell from ACT Associates.

A white spot has appeared on the LED screen of the Las Vegas MSG Sphere. One might liken it to a dead pixel on a monitor, if that monitor was nearly 300 feet tall. And yes, even in 2024 we will still talk about the Sphere. Presumably as we get closer to InfoComm in Vegas, even more. But more importantly is that this is one of the biggest AV installations, which means it has all eyes on it. Even when things break down. Integrators are no strangers to knowing that AV equipment malfunctioning is a case of when, not if. What can we do to assure customers when things break down?

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The sun (That thing in the sky you shouldn’t stare at) had one last hurrah leaving 2023, an X class solar flare. Solar flares can mess with the earth’s magnetic fields, and even our power grids. Considering that most if not all AV solutions run on some sort of power, it’s something we should at least be paying attention to. Then again, what can we do against cosmic rays from space?

Finally, we talk about strengthening the value of returning to the office. Many workers (like our own editor) are still working from home even well past the effects of the pandemic. The articles looks at what tangible advantages that a modern office could provide to entice workers to return willingly. For the AV industry, that means supplying collaboration solutions that assist with meeting equity. We look at what businesses are looking for to bring their workers back to the office.

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