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ResiWeek 207: Get Your Hardware Right

Yes, But Also No

We share the floor with recent television star Joe Whitaker to discuss what’s going on in the world of residential AV.

Google Nest makes an exclusive deal with the Nationwide Marketing Group and their Home Technology Specialist Nationwide (HTSN) division. Is AV big time now? Looking at what this could mean for the industry.

Looking at where voice control has come with the advent of the new year. Besides Alexa, Google Assistant and Siri, is there anybody we should be looking out for? What about Bixby? Or will voice control get slowly pushed under by some unforeseen tech that’s going to come up?

Vantage is awarded by the Consumer Technology Association (CTA) with a Smart Home Division Mark of Excellence Award for their human-centric lighting. Yes, that means we get to discuss biophilia again. Is this a niche product, or does it have the power to go mainstream?

Host: Matt Scott

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ResiWeek is the residential news and analysis version of AVWeek, AVNation’s longest running program. The weekly program is hosted by Matt D. Scott, owner of Omega Audio Video in London, Ontario. Scott has been involved in the audiovisual industry since he was 17 years old. Matt started servicing houses of worship throughout the Ontario area and moved into residential. Scott has served on the CEDIA board of directors since 2018. His opinions are his own and should not be seen as reflecting or representing those of CEDIA or its board.

Matt is an accomplished lighting designer, audiovisual systems designer, and marketing expert. Scott created the original website for AVNation and continues to direct the marketing and art assets of the organization. Scott is part owner of AVNation Media, Inc and has been involved with the organization since shortly after its creation. Like AVWeek, ResiWeek is modeled after This Week in Tech where the host will read news stories of the week and panelists aim to provide context, analysis, and their opinion on why the stories matter to the residential AV industry. If you would like to be a panelist on ResiWeek, you can email Tim Albright at

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