Wednesday, December 6, 2023
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ResiWeek 263: Lead With Work From Home

Many Different Hats

It’s a wonder we’ve gone this long in the series without some kind of bottle episode. But thanks to the myriad conditions of a large snowstorm, a pandemic and the general hustle and bustle of life we’ve got a pair of one-on-one segments! First we are joined by Chief Content Officer for CE Pro Jason Knott to look at our bread and butter of the latest news coming out of the residential space.

CEDIA has named Melissa Geitgey as the new VP of marketing, communication and research. She brings 20 years of experience to the organization from verticals outside of the AV industry. What will this mean for CEDIA moving forward? Discussing how a fresh set of eyes can bring some fresh perspectives to the space.

Next, we look at the top 5 home technology trends in the resimercial space. More companies that are normally solely on the commercial side are finding ways to get their solutions into the home due to the increasing demand of high quality products. We also take a side avenue about recording artists and their setups requiring upgrades. How can integrators who aren’t quite in the commercial space make that jump? Looking at the integrator’s role when it comes to supplying these kinds of solutions their clients are looking for.

We look at an article actually penned by Jason himself concerning the major metropolitan areas that are primed for strong growth and renovation in the US, and those that are less ready. What are the factors that are causing these metrics, and what if anything can integrators do for this?

On our last segment, we talk to AVNation’s own Tim Albright about the Kitchen & Bath Industry Show that was supposed to happen last week. Instead, it was met with many technical difficulties and plagued by issues. We sit down with Tim to see what happened and rather than stoke the flames or kick a show when it is down, look at how companies can avoid the mistakes made and successfully pull off a virtual event.

Host: Matt Scott
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