Friday, July 12, 2024
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ResiWeek 290: Demo A Room

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Three If By Audio

Maybe after last week’s downright dunking on CEDIA Expo, we take some time to focus on what else is happening in the residential side of the AV industry. Joining us to do just that is Owner of ProAudio Georgia Steven Brawner and Executive Editor for Residential Tech Today Jeremy Glowacki.

Lutron and have come together to bring consumers the Ready Wallplate. This combines the quality of Lutron’s keypads with the architectural microphone Josh Nano, allowing customers a variety of control through voice commands. It came through not just by standard press release but even a livestreamed product unveiling. In true Matt and Brawner fashion, we have to ask if at the end of the day it amounts to more than just a new faceplate for What does this mean for and Lutron moving forward?

With the wildfire season upon us, it’s apropos that Google is adding support for an Air Quality Index within the line of Nest Hub smart displays. For some, this might be the only way to recieve news about situations like this. What’s the value of integrating with those personal assistants and devices as opposed to the way we’ve usually been doing it? Could it reach an influx of trying to do too much at once?

Finally we look at an article by Antony Grimani about checking your references. Not in the standard resume/CV sense, but the audio standards called a reference level when it comes to setting up a sound system to match your clients’ preferences. We get into the nitty-gritty of audio managing and what integrators need to know when making a space to the client’s wishes.

Host: Matt Scott
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