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ResiWeek 291: Short-Sighted

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Quality Over Quantity

We are coming to you from a remote location… Several locations, considering the way the internet works. Wherever we are and wherever you are, we are here to look at what’s going on for the residential side of the AV industry. Joining us to do just that is Owner of Thoughtful Integrations Joe Whitaker and CEO of Auralex Dave Pedigo.

Snap One is adding Sound United brands to their portfolio. Let us clarify that this is not an acquisition, merely adding them to their distribution line. You wouldn’t be too far off for thinking that, considering the wild shopping spree Snap One has been on the past few years but this is just an assortment of skews for its stores across the US. For integrators this is a very useful advantage to have, especially if they’re in your part of the woods. What does this mean for those local distributors who now have to compete with the likes of Snap One? Looking at what this means for the industry moving forward.

If our clocks are set correctly, CEDIA Expo 2021 should be happening by the time his show releases. While there have been some companies that have opted out of this year’s show, there are still a number of exhibitors including the “Launchpad” space for newer exhibitors at their first CEDIA show. Just as we said, it is a smaller show thanks in no part to the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic and the Delta variant, so what does this mean for those smaller companies? The big players can host their own shows, but this is the chance for fresh faces to shine. Is it still possible with a reduced show?

Speaking of companies throwing their own show, Savant is conducting a livestream event they are called well enough Savant Virtual Expo 2021 to showcase their booth and the solutions they had planned to show at CEDIA Expo 2021. A company hosting their own virtual show is nothing new, but their dates are right on CEDIA Expo’s own run of September 1-3. It’s best to not call this anything malicious, nor even Hanlon’s Razor but what were they thinking?

Host: Matt Scott
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