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ResiWeek 295: 24/7 Cloud

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Revealing Statistics

A lineup of guests like this is akin to a family reunion, but instead of emulating Bobbie Gentry we’re here to discuss the latest news coming out of the residential side of the AV industry. With us is Southtown AV’s President Heather Sidorowicz and the Principal Advisist himself Bradford Benn.

Crestron has reported they are scaling back their presence for the upcoming InfoComm 2021 show in October. They are cancelling all demos, pieces of training and panels, opting instead to bring “a small experienced team” to meet with industry peers. According to them, the time for a full-scale tradeshow presence is just not yet right. On a regular trade show floor, Crestron has quite the impact. What does this mean for InfoComm without that big showing of products and panels? Is it still yet too soon to come back to a grand trade show?

If you’re worried about going to a trade show like InfoComm or any larger event as a business or even just as a person, Bradford Benn has started a topic about crunching the numbers on risk assessment to put it into perspective. This isn’t a simple “should you or should you not” situation, just a look at the statistics and numbers that might help someone reach their own conclusion on what they consider safe. Since he’s joining us today, we might as well pick his brain and discuss what led him to these solutions and how someone could find out what’s right for their comfort level.

NPD Group has found in their latest Home Automation Ownership & Usage Report that 41% of consumers who have purchased security cameras, smart doorbells or other security solutions at retail choose to pay for a subscription service. Premium features like 24/7 continuous video recording are cited as compelling reasons to pay for a subscription. Is video going to overtake alarms and sensors in the security part of AV?

Host: Matt Scott
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