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ResiWeek 321: Do It Well

Contact, It’s The Secret

Attention, listeners! This is the prerecorded message of your prerecorded reisdential podcast, ResiWeek! Surely going fully automated will have no reprecussions, and Matt will [Error: missing {witty quip}]. Joining us this week is Director of Training And Product Knowledge for Vanco Frank Santos and Owner of Southtown AV Heather Sidorowicz.

Although the pandemic brought along many hardships, it also made strives in innovation for many technology sectors including the AV industry. We saw a huge jump in telecommunications and collaboration solutions. But the question that some are asking is which ones will be sticking around in the long run? Residential Tech Today asked some experts in the industry (including one Heather Sidorowicz) about the tech with most long-lasting appeal, and we expand that conversation.

We next look at an article from a friend of the show, Katye McGregor-Bennett about the value of human interaction in marketing. While chatbots and other automated systems are efficient in handling some situations, they strip away the personal nature of a business which can turn customers away. What’s the best way to get in touch and stay in contact with your clients and build that company image?

Finally we discuss the role of the integrator when it comes to bridging the gap for the smart home space. This is part of Josh Christian, CEO of the Home Technology Association’s mission to connect designers with qualified integrators. How can the integrators get into the conversation with designers to bring that knowledge forward?

Host: Matt Scott
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