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ResiWeek 328: Who’s Buying CDs?!

The Future, With Lasers

Whether you’re on our site, Youtube or maybe bootlegged onto an 8-track, we are here to bring you the latest news coming out of the residential side of the AV industry. Joining us to discuss these stories is Josh.ai Director of Sales Chad Russell and Residential Tech Today’s Executive Editor Jeremy Glowacki.

McIntosh has debuted the MCD12000 CD Player. Before you ask, this article was in fact published in 2022. Although it is classified as a CD player, it also is capable of playing Super Audio CDs (SACD) and can serve as a digital-to-analog convertor, where music is processed by professional grade 8-channel DACs for the highest quality. The thing about audiophiles is that they will hold onto their collection for dear life. vinyl has become a rising trend in the last couple of decades due to the quality of sound, but is it time for the CD to make a comeback? Looking at the scope of the audio space in the home.

As we approach June, the quarterly reports are bound to come out for those companies looking to pat themselves on the back. Sonos has released their Q2 reports, citing that while revenue is up 20%,they saw a dip in their profits. What’s interesting is not that they are still holding strong but that they are holding strong in spite of massive supply shortages across all tech spaces. How does Sonos have the upper hand here? Is this a hold that will last, or is there something around the corner?

Bond Bridge is partnering with Josh.ai to bring voice control to ceiling fans in Control4 installations. It is exactly what it says on the tin. Bond Bridge’s RF-to-Wi-Fi home control platform can control the majority of motorized window shades and ceiling fans, and through integration with Josh.ai those controls can be utilized through voice. And we just happen to have someone from Josh.ai on the show to talk about it! We discuss the power of voice control in the home through systems like Josh.ai.

Host: Matt Scott
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