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ResiWeek 330: Persnickety Households

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Beer & Cookies

By next week we will be knee-deep in the Mojave, checking out everything going on at InfoComm 2022 in Las Vegas. But here in the present we are still focused on the stories coming out of residential side of the AV industry. Joining us this week is Chief Content Officer for CE Pro Jason Knott, Audio Advice CEO Scott Newnam and Owner of TruMedia Amanda Wildman.

Our first story does concern InfoComm, but it’s relevant so it counts. Hall Technologies will be showcasing a new Work from Home Kit during the show, growing their product line with user-centric home office solutions. Hall Technologies usually sticks to the commercial side of the industry, so it’s interesting that they are taking a step into the home office space. Will those business-quality solutions be the next big thing for the residential space? Can we expect more commercialized companies to dip their proverbial toes into the residential side of the industry?

Next we talk about some Actual steps integrators can take to improve their custom integration company culture. What tickled our editor’s fancy about the article was the use of ‘actual’. Because company culture can be such a malleable term, sometimes something more conceptual than actually implemented. What does it take to develop and cultivate that culture in a meaningful way that will move your company forward?

Finally, we discuss the very first Audio Advice Live show being held in Raleigh, North Carolina August 19-21. The show will bring together high-performance audio experts and other veterans in the industry to check out the top audio brands from around the world. And we just happen to have the CEO of Audio Advice with us on the show. (Editor’s note: For those who don’t believe this is anything more than a mere coincidence is giving our editor more credit than they deserve) We get the insight on why this event is important for our industry and the state of audio within the residential space.

Host: Matt Scott
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