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ResiWeek 333: Mini Mansions

Details Matter

Don’t go outside. It’s too hot. Maybe instead hunker down and listen to all of the latest news coming out of the residential side of the AV industry. Joining us to do just that is Executive Editor for Residential Tech Today Jeremy Glowacki and Founder of Control Concepts as well as host of our own show A State of Control Steve Greenblatt.

Our first story concerns the state of the home theater market. What exactly defines that space in the eyes of construction isn’t quite up for debate in CE Pro’s article, but that won’t stop Matt from making it a talking point. What are the numbers in this report that integrators should be keeping track of? And what really defines what a home theater is, us or the client? Discussing these metrics and what it means for integrators moving forward.

RTI’s control platform now works with the intelligent lighting control platform Orro. Both Matt and Jeremy are familiar with Orro systems by way of testing them within their households. Integration like this is always welcome! But how important is that two-way control to those outside of the CI channel? What this integration opens up for those within the residential space.

Our last story comes from Residential Systems, talking about upselling your client. It’s something that is prevalent in many verticals, but for the CI channel is looked down upon. Why does upselling carry that stigma within the residential space? Does it have something to do with being part of the second wave of building? Looking at how the CI channel can make an upsell without all the extra guff.

Host: Matt Scott
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