Thursday, December 7, 2023
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ResiWeek 334: Influx of Ignorance

Stack ‘Em Up

It’s too hot for a quick-witted quip. Let’s just focus on what we do best instead, and that is gathering up the latest news coming out of the residential side of the AV industry. Joining us to discuss it is Vice President of Business Development for Origin Acoustics Joe Whitaker and owner of ProAudio Georgia Steven Brawner.

It was announced that Jimmy Paschke, formerly of SurgeX was appointed as Apex Technolgies’ newest Vice President of Sales & Marketing. Jimmy is a friend of the show, so we take a second to gush about him and think about what this means for Apex moving forward.

CE Pro is going right out the gate swinging with a downright clickbait-y title. 32K is coming! Not at this moment. The article is actually focused on the importance of data rates when it comes to 4K, 8K and the introduction of Rev 2.0 for HDMI cables. What do integrators need to know about data rates and finding the right cable for the correct output? Will we really need to get farther than 8K, or would it be better to work on those transfer rates? Looking at the display side of the residential space as technology marches on.

We look at a case study involving the use of Just Add Power and URC solutions in a restaraunt setting. This integrator was able to take out a lot of the hassle of audio and video distribution in the restaraunt space through the use of AV over IP and control systems. Many people can look at a bar or restaraunt space and think that it’s just a matter of hooking up TVs and setting speakers down, but that is vastly simplifying the process. What do integrators need to know about working in this space, and how do we communicate that process to the clients?

Host: Matt Scott
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