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ResiWeek 336: That’s My Backup

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Those Are Speed Holes

We are once again looking at the latest news coming out of the residential side of the AV industry. Joining us to discuss these topics is President & Owner of Southtown AV Heather Sidorowicz and Founder of Platform Five Hagai Feiner.

We start off talking about wellness solutions and how integrators are selling these systems to clients. Thanks to things like human-centric lighting, we have had a head start on the wellness space. In addition to lighting, it touches on other sections like acoustics, air quality and more. Matt’s worry is that we are closer to a used car salesman than an actual integrator. How do we properly showcase these benefits without that kind of look? Discussing the wellness vertical when it comes to the CI channel.

We next look at the potential of cellular signal boosters within the home space. Wi-fi has been the mainstay of homes for over a decade. Even just a hitch in the network can cause panic in families. But we’ve seen certain outages not unlike the one that recently happened in Canada. In addition places where there are several routers in a confined space can cause more interference. Where does cellular signal beat the traditional wi-fi in that sense?

Host: Matt Scott
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