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ResiWeek 342: Absolutely Not

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Matt’s feisty this week, which means you know we have some good stories surrounding the residential side of the AV industry. Joining us to dicuss the news is Owner of KMB Communications Katy McGregor-Bennett and Owner of TruMedia Home Amanda Wildman.

Amazon has acquired iRobot for $1.7 Billion. iRobot is best known for being the maker of the Roomba, the automated vacuum cleaner. This move isn’t entirely unprecedented, but when you’re dealing with billion with a b deals, it is definitely worth looking into. One of the fears that some like Matt have concern Amazon having intimate data of user’s homes down to the floor plan. Is this something that we should be concerned about? And while some security conscious users are worried about smart home devices that might be a privacy risk, does this one get a pass? Looking at what this move means for Amazon and the smart home space.

Next we talk about stepping up your services for your business. Whether you pronounce processes one way or the correct way, how do we apply a proper service approach for your customers’ needs? Where can integrators look to in similar markets to shape their service plans?

This is not a typo, we have a Commercial Integrator story here on ResiWeek. What’s more, the author is none other than Amanda Wildman who is on the show today! She writes about the potential for integrators within the commercial side to work in tangent with residential integrators. Matt has some very candid claims on the opposite spectrum, so we get to have a discussion on if these partnerships have merit for either parties.

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