Tuesday, June 18, 2024
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ResiWeek 352: Meeting Qualifiers

Welcome To The Family

We recorded this on Halloween, but now it’s already November! Does that mean we should give up and start putting up lights? How about instead we stick to our usual show of looking at the latest news coming out of the residential side of the AV industry, and discussing it with some experts in the field. Joining us this week is Co-Founder of Parasol and Owner of Livewire Henry Clifford and Owner of KMB Communications Katye McGregor-Bennett.

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Snap One has acquired the remote support service Parasol. It’s almost a running gag at this point that Henry seems to show up when his writings are published, but now this is his company going under the umbrella (pun slightly intended) of an AV monolith like Snap One. Since he’s here we get to ask firsthand what this acquisition process has been and what it could mean for both companies moving forward.

Orro has announced they are suspending most of the business operations effective immediately. This is a result of the strain on the supply chain and other financial constraints. It’s not necessarily the end, but instead a pause on all things Orro. We discuss what this means for companies who are also struggling in the midst of supply chain issues, and what integrators will have to know when a product in their home is no longer being supported.

Host: Matt Scott
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