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ResiWeek 375: AR Ready

It’s A Bottle Episode

Maybe it’s because it’s around Easter, maybe it’s just Spring Break. But every single person in the AV industry seems to be busy… Except for these guys! Thankfully we have taken a small bit of Tim Albright’s time between triple-digit meetings at CTI to discuss the latest news on the residential side of the AV industry.

Right at the end of March, more than 500 made their way to ISC West. Not to be confused with ISE, or ISE’s ‘western’ counterpart InfoComm. With 500 exhibitors, it seemed like a successful show. We’ve already gotten into the weeds before about trade shows returning from ISE to InfoComm, so instead we look at product releases and showing products that are tangible.

Friend of the show Henry Clifford writes about normalizing turnover within your company. Employees leaving a company is not always a bad thing. And if an employee finds better work, it can sometimes be beneficial for both the company and that worker. So why is letting an employee go so difficult? We look at long-term plans for a business and how this factors into the process of seeing that worker off.

A recent survey by JobSage has found that AV technicians are considered the most interesting ‘no-degree jobs’ for those looking to be hired. As we have discussed turnover and a need to find workers, we also see that this is a space with demand. How do we as an industry use this information to bring more numbers into the workforce?

Rokid has announced their augmented reality glasses. These displays are capable of producing a 215-inch virtual display for wearers, through micro-OLED panels. Matt’s incredulity is not just old-man-yells-at-cloud-ism, for the most part. Is AR still not yet at a place where we can take it seriously?

Host: Matt Scott
  • Tim Albright – CT
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