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ResiWeek 388: Reaching Amateur Status

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Drastic Go Down

We don’t need your whole face, only your ears. And maybe eyes, if you want to watch us look at the latest news and stories surrounding the residential side of the AV industry. Joining us with all of their facets is Managing Partner for bluesalve Avi Rosenthal and Senior Editor for CE Pro Bob Archer.

It looks like the global gaming market is expected to slow down. This report comes from IDG Consulting, looking at the different reasons surrounding this from a lull after the pandemic, supply issues, a lack of a “new” console release to name a few. Integrators are building home theater systems, so it’s only fair that game consoles make their way into them. While integrators don’t need to know every detail on the games space, what should integrators be aware of around those console manufacturers and the coming market?

Next, we do some math for fun and profit! Rather, Matt Bernath writes for Residential Systems about breaking down the numbers for your business and profit trends around the industry to find your own possibilities for a measurable profit margin. We discuss how to understand your profit and manage your business accordingly.

Finally, we discuss a white paper from Parks Associate surrounding facial recognition software in the smart home. This technology is not new, not even in the consumer space since most if not all smartphones have some facial recognition feature. We discuss potential privacy concerns that comes with any of these technologies and what integrators should know about it.

Host: Matt Scott
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