Monday, December 11, 2023
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ResiWeek 398: Start ‘Em Young

The Future Is Now, Old Man

Someday, podcasts might be as irrelevant as paperback TV guides. We’ll just beam the latest news and stories for the residential space directly into your skull! But for now we’ll stick with what we know best. Joining us to discuss the news is Director of SMB Product Marketing at NETGEAR John Henkel, Account Executive for One Firefly Kat Wheeler, and SVP for CEDIA Giles Sutton.

As fall comes in, sports seasons are flaring up which means it might fall to the integrator to assist their clients into understanding streaming services. Is it really our job, though? Have integrators become the modern “TV Guide” as traditional cable gives way to multiple streaming services? Looking at the role of the integrator in helping customers find the content they’re looking for.

We next look at how to educate the future of the AV workforce. During the pandemic Electrius AV founder Kyri Androu worked with students at Waltham Forrest College in London to educate the future engineers of tomorrow. What are the challenges when it comes to developing the workforce of AV? Discussing what it takes to make students aware of the AV industry and keep that lifeblood going.

LG’s MAGNIT display is a sweet spot for microLED technology. At least, according to them. Their 118-inch 4K display was shown off at CEDIA Expo 2023, looking to be a perfect middle ground between theier 136-inch and 97-inch displays also featured at the show. Ignoring the frankly ridiculous prices and what constitutes a “sweet spot”, how big is too big for a display? Do these high-end displays drive the industry?

Host: Matt Scott
  • Giles Sutton – CEDIA
  • John Henkel – NETGEAR
  • Kat Wheeler – One Firefly
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