Monday, December 11, 2023
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ResiWeek 401: Big 2012 Energy

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2012 Called, They Want Their Joke Back

Get ready for the biggest stories for the residential side of the AV industry. We’ve gathered up the news and some experts in the space to talk all about it. Joining us this week is Vice President of Account Services for Caster Communications Rachel Bradshaw and Software Development Manager at BlackWire Designs Seth Johnson.

We start with a comprehensive guide from CE Pro about lighting the kitchen like a professional. Lighting is in that strange Schrodinger’s spot in the CI channel where it’s both electricians and integrators who are in the space. What can this guide bring to the table for integrators to take from?

The Women in Consumer Technology group is hosting an all-day networking event at CEDIA’s headquarters on November 16th. It’s slightly strange if not tautologic to say that the event is mainly focused on coaching about coaching. The courses focus on leadership and command roles in the business. Discussing the merits of self-improvement within the AV industry.

Finally, we look at a recent court ruling over Sonos and Google. A federal judge has thrown out their $32.5 million verdict for Sonos against Google, ruling that their patents were unenforceable. We tread lightly on the delicate subject of patent trolling and copyright to look at what this verdict means for the space as a whole.

Host: Matt Scott
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